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Wrapping up the Sprint

Once you have delivered a final report to your stakeholders, there still may be some things that need to be done to wrap up. Because of the transitional nature of project work, acknowledge and prepare for the fact that if further work is done coming out of the sprint, it may not be the individuals who were on the sprint team who staff any next step efforts. Make time to do some or all of the following activities:

Team retrospective

A team retrospecitive gives you a chance to reflect on the work that you did. Recruit a facilitator who wasn’t involved in the sprint to run the retro. The entire discovery sprint team should participate. The retro should be blameless and give everyone a chance to have a voice in reflecting on the sprint. The session usually takes 90-120 minutes and is split into two parts:

  • Part One: Spend the first hour recapping and telling the story of the sprint from beginning to end
  • Part Two: Discuss what went well, what didn’t go well, and any lessons you have for future sprints
  • End by answering: Should our involvement with this organization continue? In what way?

Follow-up with the organization

The sprint team lead should keep in touch with the sprint stakeholders and partners after the sprint concludes and the report is delivered. Sometimes there might be residual meetings with the organization you engaged with. You may get asked to assist with something specific beyond the sprint or enter into conversations about longer project engagement.

Sprint presentation to internal leadership

Your organization’s leadership may want a discovery sprint readout with the entire sprint team. During this time, you may be called upon to give recommendations about any further engagement moving forward. Leadership may want to know how to staff up a team to help the organization with implementing the recommendations found in the sprint report.

Sprint presentation to internal teams

This is the equivalent of a show-and-tell for your larger internal team. It helps everyone understand and talk about the kind of work that happened on the sprint and helps colleagues have some context if/when there is an ask for further staff to deploy on any further work driven by the sprint.